What’s your dream island like?

by jasna
Have you ever dreamed of having your very own island? It’s like asking you if you’ve ever dreamed of winning a Nobel Prize or an Oscar. Maybe you did, but while dreaming you already knew that is never not going to happen. Even if we start googling about islands for sale, the prices will soon remind us that this is probably going to remain a dream for most of us. But if you fancy having a peek at this kind of real estate market, click on the button below.
But I have good news for all of you who don’t have three million in cash: in the Kingdom of Tonga, your dreams could become reality! In that part of the world I met people who bought beautiful plots on the beach for as little as 20.000$, and the whole island can be bought for the price of an apartment in Europe.
(The fine print: The low prices are due to the fact that in Tonga you cannot officially buy land because it is property of the king. The selling price is usually a 99-year renting contract with the possibility of renewal.)

The question now is:

If you’d really sold your apartment and bought a tropical island, what kind of island would you choose?

A tropical atoll with palm trees and a white beach, some Canadian lush land or a Mediterranean island with snow white rocks surrounded by deep crystal clear sea? Maybe an island with an exclusive resort on it? Or a windy one, perfect for water sports? A lighthouse on the rocks? Would it be tiny or big? Inhabited or uninhabited? 

I’ve never thought about buying my own island but in Tonga I stumbled upon ads or people selling land so often that a few times I caught myself daydreaming. I’m certainly not going to buy a piece of land in the middle of the Pacific, however, doing research to discover which islands would ALMOST make me sell my land in Italy became my favourite pastime while sailing around the archipelago of Ha’apai.

This is a chain of sand islands, mostly uninhabited, very very far from everything.

Interesting fact: In the southern end of this archipelago we find Hunga Tonga Hunga Ha’apai, the youngest island in the world that has surfaced just a few years ago. Below you can see the birth of this island and how it changed from 2015 to today.

One of the most cute islands there is called Koro. It is tiny, but for its size rather high. The walk to the top only takes one minute, but it is still worth doing it for the beautiful view.

The view from the top


The most unusual island we visited was Kelefesia. Some sailors avoid it because of the dangerous approach among countless reefs, but the few brave souls who stop there, rave about it.

Needless to say, we decided to be brave. Unfortunately the weather was cloudy so the colours were not as stunning as they usually are, but it was worth stopping nevertheless.

A stunning uninhabited island, but this one is really to isolated for me to build my hut there.

Now, seriously: would you like to move to the tropics?

Somewhere in the middle of Tonga, there is a small island called Nomuka Iki, where my friend Don, Jane and some helpers are building a sailing club and a marine research center. They build a little house, a garden and they have great plans for the future. They are always looking for volunteers who would like to help them for a while or even to move there forever. You may even get a piece of land where you can build your own house, of course, with a sea view. If you are dreaming of a simple life and are prepared to be a team player in the community, think about it.

Don Controls Work

I know you’re probably not going to move to a lonely island in the middle of the Pacific, but I still like to bring to your attention the countless possibilities we have all around us. The world is full of opportunities. (and by the way, Pitcairn is another island where they will give you free land if you want to build your new home there…)

If you find hard to imagine the everyday life on a tiny island and would like to experience it, you can. Just write to Don and join them for a while as volunteer. You can read more about it here.

So, what’s YOUR dream island like?

I’m still looking for mine. All I know is that is a very sunny one. 

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