My first and last surfing day

by jasna

It was a sunny day in Mexico (what a surprise!) and some good friends proposed a trip to the Pacific side of the peninsula to see what this surfing lark is all about.

We rented some gear and jumped straight in, with no lessons or tactical advice, just the help of our naivety.  We had no idea of how damn hard surfing really is. I guess we underestimated the power of those waves a tiny little bit.

Despite almost drowning a few times and getting a few bruises, we did learn a few tricks such as:

The invisible surfer

The 360 degree face plant

The Californian Rad

and the popular, “pretend the water is really deep” manoeuvre which is a lot more convincing if your wife isn’t only knee deep in water. 🙂

On that day I decided that surfing is waaay to much work for me, but nevertheless it was a totally enjoyable day full of laughs, so thanks Tim and Meredith for organizing it!

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