by jasna

About a decade ago, I decided to fund my travels by taking advantage of the writing talent that  runs in my family blood (my late grandfather Alojz Rebula wrote 60 books in his life and is regarded as one of the best Slovenian writers, my mom Alenka is also a prolific writer, her book Feeling Blessed is a national best-seller).

To date, I have published over 100 magazine articles totaling over 350 full colour pages, 94 radio shows, over 100 paid newsletters and countless blog posts. I write mainly in Slovenian, but occasionally also in Italian and English. I have been published by important titles like: Cruising World, Bolina and Vela.

So far I have written two books. 


In 2016 I released my first book in Slovenian in which I describe our Pacific crossing. The release was followed by 27 interviews for national television shows, radio stations, magazines and newspapers. My book tour included over 25 book signings with an average of 100 people attending each. I even managed to make the cover of the Slovenian “Cosmo”! 

The book is now also available in English under the title A Drop in the Ocean This is an honest and genuine account of what it is really like to cross a very big ocean, on a very small sailboat, for the very first time. When you raise the sails and head into the unknown, you take on the most fascinating challenge of your life. But you also embark upon a voyage of an entirely different nature. As the initial fear of the unknown slowly gives way to the daily rhythm of life at sea, something entirely unexpected happens. This book is my attempt to describe the nature and effect of this subtle transformation.


In November 2019 I launched my second book in English, titled All the Colours of Polynesia.

This book lets you hop aboard Calypso and join us on our three-year-long voyage across French Polynesia, where you will discover some of the most interesting places, people and wildlife of the South Pacific.

From the world-famous island of Bora Bora to the remotest atolls of the Tuamotus, experience the challenges and rewards of the seafaring life as you dive with dolphins and sharks, sail under the stars, drink from fresh coconuts in the company of heavily-tattooed men, brave heavy storms and violent currents, play with stingrays, drift down coral rivers and meet fellow sailors from across the world.

So far all the feedbacks have been great and on Amazon I have an average rating of 5 stars for both books. I am very grateful to all my readers all around the world and as I promised to many of you, I will keep new books coming on a regular basis.

And you, my friends, keep the feedback coming, please. There is no greater joy for me as a writer than knowing that I made people dream with my words. ❤️



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