Sail with me in French Polynesia

by jasna

As you probably know already, I have spent three years sailing around the islands of Tahiti, also known as French Polynesia, and I left a piece of my heart there. A friend of mine recently wrote:

“The world is full of beautiful places and then … there is French Polynesia”.

So true. This country is like another planet and I always knew I will have to return one day. My dream was to have the opportunity to share this stunning islands with other people, to show them all the treasures I found there: the smells, the flowers, the people and the wonderful underwater world.

Now the dream is becoming reality. In collaboration with a friend of mine, Paul, who has a beautiful Oyster 56, I will have the opportunity to show you the best of the best of French Polynesia. We will sail together to Bora Bora, of course, but also to desolated anchorages that nobody knows. It is going to be an exclusive holiday with a maximum of 4 guests aboard. I will be in French Polynesia from August to November and if you would like to join, or if you want to have more information, click on the green button below.

I firmly believe that sooner or later everyone should visit French Polynesia, but it is easy to become one of the many tourists in the overwater bungalows and miss the best part of this country: the secret deserted spots and the lovely locals. That’s why I decided to embark upon this adventure, I hope you will join me!

Sail with me in French Polynesia

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