by jasna

I am a Slovenian primary school teacher born and raised in the small town of Sistiana, near Trieste, Italy.

At six years old, I took my first sailing course and I have been on the sea in one form or another ever since. I worked for many years as a sailing and windsurfing instructor in Italy, mainly with kids.

At 29 I gave up a safe job to chase the horizon and bought a one way ticket to the other side of the world. In Australia I met Rick who introduced me to the sea gypsy life. We sailed together for nine years, exploring Australia, Mexico, French Polynesia, Tonga and Fiji.

Besides sailing, I really love diving (I am also a PADI Divemaster), climbing, dancing and snowboarding.

I don’t like shopping, the only window I get excited about is the travel agency. I was obviously born with itchy feet and cannot help it, so I decided to stop fighting it. I now go with the flow and enjoy all the adventures that are coming my way!

Some of the things I love and why:

I love the sea above everything else. For me, the sea is freedom and freedom is everything.

I love the mountains too, because they give me the best views.

I love snowboarding, skiing and faceplanting into the fresh snow 🙂

I love travelling, but my favourite place in the world is my hometown Sistiana (Italy).

I love convertible cars (and I love the good old Fiat 500 even more!)

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